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Nice to have you here! 
My vision is to provide women and families with expertise, education, advice and
support to empower them for making self-determined & independent decisions for themselves and their child. 
This will
strengthen & encourage them in their mother- and parenthood and  shape their future with confidence!
You couldn't find a midwife for your pregnancy and postpartum period? Do you still have a lot of questions and your gynecologist doesn't have much time? Would you like to take part in a birth class? Then you are exactly right here! Please feel free to take a look at my range of advice - I'm happy to help! Write me a message! 
observe !
My services are not part of the catalog of German health insurance companies and are therefore paid for privately.
International & Private health insurances often cover the costs of the services! 
Please inquire according to my experiences!
In certain cases it is possible to receive partial or complete reimbursement of costs by health insurances. 
Please ask for my experiences
& get tips on how to 
My advice & service do not comply with the German guidelines for Maternity Care. If a woman uses them to substitute or to complete the provisions of the Maternity Protection Act for care is up to her.
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