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Invest as a mission organization in an exclusive kind of Member Care

Member Care ensures emotional, physical and psychological support for missionaries abroad. This significantly promotes employee satisfaction and increases your attractiveness as an employer.

Providing member care shows your employees, that as an organization, you care for their well-being and take the different working and living conditions in  another culture seriously.

This strengthens trust and significantly promotes collaboration.  

Member Care Upgrade

My service complement member care exceptional and unique!

You can contribute, that women and families can navigate their roles abroad confident. This is crucial for long-term commitment and an enriching experience of your time abroad. Preparation is essential for the course of the operation. But also advice & support in natural, as well as in special situations of life, has a significant influence.

With my focused services on the missionaries and their intercultural life and work, I would like to appreciate and support their courageous steps into the new and unknown.


Take your member care offer to the next level! 

I would be happy to work with you to develop an individual program, tailored to the way your organization works and the needs of your employees! 

If you would like to get to know me, figure out more information, also about financing, I would love to have a personal exchange with you! Please contact me! 

I look forward to hear from you! 

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