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Advice & Support 

... in a lot of different situations. If  life brings changes, regardless whether they are joyfully expected  or hard and overwhelming, no one should deal with that alone. 

This is why I provide advice and support! With professional and individual knowledge transfer, I bring a tailored approach to each unique situation, which is drawn from

my professional expertise and experiences. The goal is to encourage and to empower greater levels of self-determination,as well as highlight existing resources. I work to foster reflection,

resiliency and strength, allowing for a better orientation in which to make

independent decisions that bring positive changes to shape the future.


This is my vision

Topics of counseling

Family planning & conception

Women's health & pregnancy

Planning birth location

Postpartum time & breastfeeding 

Dealing with diagnoses during pregnancy

Traumatic experiences

Premature babies & sick newborns 

Mourning &  End-of-life care

Write me and book a casual get-to-know meeting with me, 

to clarify any open questions and find out more about my service.  

Advice & support

Special situations: 

further topics on request

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