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Professional background
About me - Carolina Schrodt
employed as a pediatric nurse
in the Diakonie Hospital Freiburg - obstetrics
deputy station manager
with a focus on student instruction and infant safety
employed as a midwife 
in the St. Elisabethen Hospital Lörrach - maternity
self-employed midwife & Pediatric nurse 
with part-time employment at the maternity of the St. Elisabethen Hospital in Lörrach
self-employed midwife & Pediatric nurse
self-employed consultant 
for knowledge transfer, consulting & support, member care
Training to become a pediatric nurse
at the St. Josef Hospital Freiburg 
Training to become a midwife
at the University Hospital of Tübingen
Deployment in Uganda & Tanzania
with the German missionary medical team e.V. 
3 months stay in Africa 
Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Burkina Faso 
1 year studying theology & music 
Theological Seminary St. Chrischona
Since 2023 studying communicative theology
Further training
  • Further training in neonatal intensive care medicine Basel CH

  • continuous training on med. emergencies and first aid as part of my professional activity

  • Continuous training on the subject of breastfeeding according to the “babyfriendly hospital” and IBCLC guidelines as part of my professional activity

  • Completion of the tropical course at the Tropical Clinic Tübingen Difäm

  • Training and further education in a wide range of topics in the DMÄT program to prepare for mission operations

  • Further training in ultrasound diagnostics with a focus on obstetrics and prenatal diagnostics as part of my professional activity

  • Further training to provide grief and end-of-life-care 

  • Training for emotional coaching

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