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 make a difference

My work is more than “just” a job. For me it is passion, calling, mission and vision!  

I am very grateful for every experience and encounter and I know that my life and work are blessed by God's grace!
It is my goal to pass on these blessings and to serve women and families.

If it's on your heart, you are most welcome to support me and my vision! 

How could that actually look like? 

I have private expenses for my vision that cannot be covered by my income. Your support will be used to provide my service. Unfortunately, I cannot issue an official donation receipt, but you can support me privately. You can find more about my latest projects and the current status of my work via my newsletter and on my pin board. Write me if you would like to know more! 

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Where is the money going?

Direct service: 

On one hand, you can make my offers possible for a woman or a family which cannot afford or can only afford at lower cost. In this way you support my work sustainably and actively participate in the implementation of my vision. 

Additional costs: 

On the other hand, you support my work in the intercultural context. I am part of the Member Care in many missionary organizations. My service is individual tailored and the associated effort is sometimes costly for me personally. However, since this work is very close to my heart, I am particularly grateful for support. 

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